E X H I B I T I O N S    A N D    A R T    P R O J E C T S

Versión española


GROUP EXHIBITION of samll paintings. Orfila Gallery. Madrid.



RESTORATION of old paintings at the Restauration National Institute. Madrid.



GROUP EXHIBITION “Galerías Preciados Award”. Madrid.



CREATION of the “Prêt-a-Porter Painting” concept (painting on textiles for fashion and articles of clothing). She distributes throughout Spain her designs made most of them with hand painted textiles by the artist through her own trademark "La Clau".
SHOWING of a new collection made up of hand painted capes-raincoats, umbrellas, and other "Prêt-a-Porter Painting” articles at the Fashion Night inside the Youth Week at Ceuta.
CHOREOGRAPHY for the aforementioned fashion collection showing. Ceuta.
SCENERY for  the “History of the Zoo” play by Edward Albee at the Gayarre Theater. Pamplona.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Buero Vallejo" Painting Award. Teatro Español. Madrid.
EXHIBITION AND SHOWING of “Prêt-a-Porter Painting”. Castillo del Buen Amor. Salamanca.
DESIGNS for printed textiles in Barcelona and Madrid.


DESIGNS for printed textiles in Barcelona and Madrid.


SINGLE EXHIBITION  of drawings and paintings. Palestra Gallery. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION  paintings on silk and Tótem Lamps. Arteara Gallery. Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "Arte con Amor". Sección Aúrea Gallery. Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION Brita Prinz Gallery. Madrid.
DECORATION with paintings on textiles for upholstery, folding screens, walls and windows.Tristana Restaurant. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION Club 24 Gallery. Madrid.
SCENERY for the choreography "As Ondas Que Eu Vin Veer" by Nacho Duato. National Dance Company.  Première at the Principal Theater the second of May. Valencia.

1991 - 1992

SINGLE EXHIBITION "Falah Men Ikum". Taller de Arte G Gallery. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 92". Madrid. (FLECHA is an exhibition of contemporary painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installations, cinema, etc. that takes place every year at the Arturo Soria Plaza Shopping Center. Madrid).
GROUP EXHIBITION "Arte con Amor". Las Lomas. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 93" Madrid.
DESIGNS on silk for Afco. Madrid.
DESIGNS of the Poster for "El Amor Brujo" by Manuel de Falla for the Carmen Cortés Dance Company. Première at the Juan Bravo Theater. Segovia.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 94". Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "Arte con Amor". L'Illa Diagonal. Barcelona.
PAINTING on textile for the "Plataforma del 0,7" headquarters. Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "Sótano Primero". Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 95”. Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "¿Qué Pintamos Aquí?" for the benefit of the Syndrome of Down Association. Exhibitions Hall La Caixa. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 96”. Madrid.
SCENERY for the presentation of the political programme "José María Aznar with the culture". Teatriz Theater. Madrid.
PASARELA CIBELES. Series of hand painted textiles for the 1997 Spring - Summer collection by Jesús del Pozo and execution of a photolitho for a serigraphic print to the same collection.
GROUP EXHIBITION in solidarity with the Chernobil children. Arcus Hall. El Escorial.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 97”. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 98”. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 99”. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flamenco Pa To's”. Organized by the radio programme "Gomaespuma". Medical School of Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2000". Madrid.
SCENERY by means of paintings on glass amplified with projectors for the series of programmes on flamenco music "Tirititrán" for Spanish T.V..
EDITION of an engraving on metal to the aforementioned T.V. programme.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 2001”. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION throughout Spain  "Terra i Arbres", for the aforementioned Foundation. Barcelona.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 2003”. Madrid.

1980 - 2003

Simultaneously, during all these years, she is requested by private individuals to undertake the painting of canvasses, wall paintings, textiles, upholstery, wedding veils,etc.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 2004”. Madrid.
SINGLE EXHIBITION "Bodies". Municipal Exhibitions Hall. San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 2005”. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION “Flecha 2006”. Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION Flecha Gallery at "Art Madrid". Madrid.


SINGLE EXHIBITION "Souls". Henarte Gallery. Málaga.
GROUP EXHIBITION  Álvaro Sellés Gallery. San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2007". Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION  Álvaro Sellés Gallery. San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Madrid.



GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2008". Madrid.
She is awarded whith the
"2nd prize to the best artist FLECHA 2008".
She takes part in  "Escorial Estudios Abiertos". 19 artists from San Lorenzo de El Escorial and El Escorial open their studios to the public.



GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2009". Madrid.
She takes part in the 2nd edition of FIART. Valencia.
She takes part in the benefit auction of contemporary art "Cachito de cielo". Alcalá Subastas. Madrid.



GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2010". Madrid.
SINGLE EXHIBITION "Despertar". Espacio L-V. Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION. Leonardo da Vinci Museum. Milán.



GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2011". Madrid.
She takes part
with her work " MANANTIAL ETERNO " as special guest in the "Festival Internazionale di poesia LA PALABRA EN EL MUNDO". Villa Herriot. Venecia.
WINDOW "Decor acción 2011
". Platería López. Madrid. Works: "Tesoros sumergidos" y "Alas de Shanghai".



GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2012". Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2013". Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "Miradas de Picasso". Centro Cultural Sanchinarro. Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2014". Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2015". Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2016". Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2017". Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION Galeria de Arte Carlos Moltó, Madrid.


GROUP EXHIBITION "Flecha 2019". Madrid.
GROUP EXHIBITION "El arte de ser mujer". Centro cultural Soto del Real, Madrid. 26/02/2019